MacKenzie Publishing is pleased to announce the TOC for TWO EYES OPEN. The stories selected for the anthology are as follows (in no particular order):

L.S. Engler

Glass Puzzle
Shelly Macaroy

S.D. Hintz

Show Cooking – Cannibal Edition
Kev Harrison

Amanda Crum

Feeding Strays
Monique Youzwa

The First Snowfall
Boyd Reynolds

Opening Your Eyes is the Most Painful Thing You Will Ever Have to Do
Tom Johnstone

Two Eyes Open
S.T. Himmonds

Soul Cakes
Chantal Boudreau

Sheep and Snakes
Billy Lyons

No Job Too Small
R.A. Goli

The Boats
Robb T. White

The Dying
Leah O’Sullivan

Leslie Muzingo


TWO EYES OPEN: coming soon! On or before August 1, 2017


Two Eyes Open front cover

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